Monday, January 25, 2010

Reverse Culture Shock

Running water.

HOT water.

A grocery store filled with food.

These are things I've taken for granted my whole life, and now, after just a few days away, they amaze me. I'm in awe of all of our luxuries, and even more by how shallow our culture can be.

Yes, everyone is donating money. We all care about what's going on in Haiti - stop to watch Anderson Cooper, or to shake our heads at the sad headlines on the newspaper. But, then we go back to our lives.

Back to complaining about traffic.

Back to gossiping.

Back to being self-absorbed.

There's no changing it. It's how we are, and generally how we'll always be. But it's making me sick and restless.

Still no update on Mishna. The last I heard, the doctor who plans to foster her had just finished all of the paperwork the government asked for. He said he should know more today. Please pray.

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