Sunday, January 17, 2010

2nd night in Haiti

Port-au-Prince, HAITI -- I woke up in the middle of the night already on my feet.

The room was shaking.

It was another tremor.

The woman who is housing us, Barbara, starting yelling, "Out!!" and we ran. By the time we were outside of her tiny concrete room in a small town called Bon Repos just outside of Port-au-Prince, the shaking had stopped.

Back to sleep. Back to being attacked by the relentless mosquitos who gave up on the rest of my bug-spray covered body and decided to feast on the bottom of my feet.

Then - another tiny tremor. This one only lasted about half a second, and I went back to sleep. The rooster outside starting telling us to wake up long before dawn, and after the third tremor, I finally gave in. Everyone else is starting to wake up and the work is about to begin. Joe Hurston, the founder of Air Mobile Ministries, is about to start working on getting the water filtration systems functional. A few of us are going to go out to see some of the damage outside of the village so we can report back to you on the rescue efforts.

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