Sunday, November 21, 2010

Haiti-bound again!

In the morning, I'll head back to Haiti again. This time, I'm going with a group that is bringing Cipro, an antibiotic that fights cholera, to Haiti. We're bringing about 5,000 doses to 4 hospitals in some of the areas hit hardest by the deadly outbreak. We're told this is the largest amount of this kind of drug to be allowed into Haiti to date. Pray that we are able to get in without any problems and get this medicine to the 5,000 people who will likely die without it.
Don't worry. We will have lots of security and will be safe about what we eat/drink.
I'll be updating my blog as much as I can, and posting updates on My station is being so awesome by supporting me as I cover this immensely important story.
For more information from one of the groups on this mission:

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